Hell Münich

Hell Münich (IBU 18)

Hell is a low fermentation lager beer, light yellow to golden in color, which is balanced in its bitter hops and sweet malt, this beer is characterized by harmonious and aromatic notes of hops with nuances of fruit and caramel.

According to Reinheitsgebot (German Law that regulates brewing since 1516) establishes that beer should only contain water, malt, hops and yeast. Currently there are different elaboration processes to obtain a greater variety of beers.

5,0% de Alcohol

Hallertauer & Tettnanger

Malta de Cebada

Bajo Fermentación (Lager)

No Filtrado, no Pasteurizado

18 IBU

5 g/l Dióxido de Carbono

14% Mosto Original



Here we go with the four magical ingredients


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Nice restaurant, they just started up their craft brewery, the food and service is quite good and the prices are reasonable. It has a nice view of the valley, I definitely recommend it
by Douglas Solano
The freshness of the ingredients in their dishes is truly special, without neglecting the impressive flavor of the house's craft beer, which is highly admirable for its authentic smoothness, which makes it very exclusive. Excellent service and definitely a lovely place to hang out with friends and family.
by Heraldo Monge
In all my experience of searching for the best craft beers, I have never seen such a variety before… Their Dunkel Bock Aleman tastes the best to me, and their Dorada beers are absolutely amazing!
by Gustavo Gómez

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