Dunkel Bock Münich

Dunkel Bock Münich (IBU 15)

Chirripoberg Dunkel is nobly presented in a light chestnut brown with bright ruby red reflections and an ocher-colored crown made of fine-pored foam. Aromas reminiscent of the well-known fusion of strong milk chocolate and rum-grape-walnut are immediately perceived. Its soft and aromatic flavor spreads delicately on the tongue with its elegant and warm notes of dark chocolate. This occurs accompanied malt and hop bitterness. Due, leaves a wonderful cocoa flavor on the tongue.


Dunkler Bock, or Dunkles Bock, is a dark, strong, malty German lager that emphasizes the malt-rich, somewhat toasty qualities of the malts without being sweet on the finish. Any fruitiness is due to Munich and other specialty malts, not yeast-derived esters that develop during fermentation. Darker, with a richer malt flavor and less apparent bitterness than a Heller Bock. Less rich in alcohol and malt than a Doppelbock. Stronger malt flavors and more alcohol than a Märzen. Richer, less attenuated and less hoppy than a Czech Amber Lager.

6,0% de Alcohol

Hallertauer & Tettnanger

Malta de Cebada

Bajo Fermentación (Lager)

No Filtrado, no Pasteurizado

15 IBU

5 g/l Dióxido de Carbono

15% Mosto Original




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Nice restaurant, they just started up their craft brewery, the food and service is quite good and the prices are reasonable. It has a nice view of the valley, I definitely recommend it
by Douglas Solano
The freshness of the ingredients in their dishes is truly special, without neglecting the impressive flavor of the house's craft beer, which is highly admirable for its authentic smoothness, which makes it very exclusive. Excellent service and definitely a lovely place to hang out with friends and family.
by Heraldo Monge
In all my experience of searching for the best craft beers, I have never seen such a variety before… Their Dunkel Bock Aleman tastes the best to me, and their Dorada beers are absolutely amazing!
by Gustavo Gómez

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